Portableapps tor browser hydra

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Portableapps tor browser hydra


I search a little bit but I could not find Where are the tor plugins for Firefox exactly? What should I do to my Firefox to surf on Deep web? Those extensions were remotely permanently disabled destroyed over the extensions update service by the authors.

Reason was mainly, that people refused to learn abt Tor then and used it on a normal Firefox with other extensions and more crazy even with plugins installed on the host system. This did bring the Tor system to a point where such users then complained that Tor was not serving the purpose and was not able to provide anonymous communication any more. To avoid all those problems and keep Tor functioning as designed, it needs to be used only with specially patched browser. This is why it only the Tor browser bundle is of some use and this needs frequent updates from the Tor org themselves.

Use on normal Firefox is of no value at all. All you will get is very slow communication, but this is about all. There will be no anonymous surfing but this is what you have been looking for. So why to have it? It either work to specification or alternative it does not work at all. So there is no such thing as having it almost function or being fine for average user etc.

You should include all those small scripts and small files to block any additional plugins and what ever. The earlier used extension Tor-button will not work for long unless you block any updates to extensions. When detected, it will be set out of order by Tor org, as people did use it on ordinary Firefox and by that breaking the Tor network functionality.

And yes, you can use Tor separate from Firefox. You can use other programs to use Tor, but you should go deep into the instruction how to adapt your programs to use Tor correctly. This is not just install and forget or plug and play. I can disable them manually What is the particular reason to try to use a very slow proxy network while using other networks at the same time?

The reason why Tor devs blocked such use is that you then disturb and break the whole system they are trying to keep running. Just to use your what ever version of Firefox and somehow manage to log into the Tor network gives you only bad performance. It will not give you anything else, particularly no anonymisation at all.

The reason is not only in plugins and extensions today, the reason is also with browsers themselves, many websites and more. The frequent updates of the Tor Browser and other publications like Tail try to counteract new discovered holes where all sorts of additional software installed or downloaded will attempt to communicate with some services bypassing the Tor network. If you just surf with normal Firefox Portable used on a normal windows computer and you just manage to hack things the way that you can log on the Tor network, you have absolutely no increase in anonymity.

And you break the Tor system for other people who may be very much dependent on it. I use TOR to connect some sites deep web sites which are only mostly possible to go using Tor Network. I can install softwares to my computer and connect to Tor network very easly.

But a portable would be very nice because: - it does not use admin rights, - the network will not use by other apps or by operation system, - it would be portable to open any other machine quickly. When using "Tor Browser Bundle", it everytime warns that there is a new version of it.

After I download and unpack the Tor Browser Bundle, I should copy the settings extesions to new version. Thats why I open this thread. Thank you. It is not any kind of security software etc. If some site is blocked, let say by company or provider, you can use any kind of proxy to reach remote servers. Probably much faster and you will not disturb the Tor network by this. You can use one of the many free proxies worldwide. This will keep the Tor network operating as it should be so people who really depend on it can use it with maximum anonymity possible at that time.

Using Tor , but making own computer traceable in internet at same time is really not very nice. To make your portable Firefox using Tor, you can just copy the Tor executables, then copy the Torbutton and the Torlauncher from the Torbundle and place it to your Firefox. By that you will get connection to the Tor, but no privacy at all.

The problem is, you will be not able to switch off Tor unless you delete the extensions completely. This is explicitly designed so by the Tor devs, to stop people doing exactly what you are after. There have been times, now some years ago, when the launcher was still the Vidalia and the Torbutton could switch on and off the use of Tor by Firefox. This is now explicitly blocked so people can not use it on normal Firefox.

So even in case you get somewhere an old Torbutton still switchable and old enough Tor executable with Vidalia Launcher, and this Tor executable will sill be allowed by the Tor org to log on the network, this will work only once. To make windows to use Tor completely is not so simple BTW. It may in some cases look like it is possible, but same thoughts you have when you think it is not good to have it run as general proxy are valid when you use it on an normal unpatched Firefox.

I know I can get it from official site. Just install it in your PortableApps folder. And the shortcut the installer creates will break as you move PCs anyway. You can hide the icon for the updater by right clicking on it. I know this is an old thread, but I arrived at it today after doing a web search. Neither the information in the last post nor the information at the "Adding Other Apps" page previously linked was exactly right.

So, I posted this for the next person to land on this thread. Skip to main content. Tor browser. Log in or register to post comments. Last post. January 20, - pm. Last seen: 2 years 5 months ago. Joined: January 22, - pm. Last seen: 1 week 6 days ago. I know I can get it from. September 22, - pm. Last seen: 3 years 3 months ago. How to Install External Apps. John T. Last seen: 35 min 27 sec ago.

Browser directory. October 22, - am.

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